Ot’twae, a resilient and resourceful hunter with a heavy heart and a loaded rifle, lives his life as a nomad.  Since "The Cleansing" humanity was forced into caves in search of refuge from the colossal spirits that have reclaimed the land.  Despite the desolate unforgiving terrain Ot'twae is steadfast in his mission of vengeance and liberation.


Teh’ya was a happy young girl until "The Cleansing” occurred taking from her any semblance of a normal life.  Ot’twae found Teh’ya when she was an infant in her village, among the ashes and rubble huddling the charred remains of her father, mother and brother.  She immediately formed an attachment to the safety and security found in Ot’twae and they’ve been travelling together ever since.


As they travel together Ot'twae and Teh'ya will encounter savage tribalism from every faction fighting for the same dwindling supplies and fresh water.


As Ot'twae and Teh'ya struggle to survive they rely on each other and work together to traverse the harsh realities of the new world.


At the heart of it all, Leather Wings is about the unbreakable bond found between Ot'twae and Teh'ya.  A story of love, family and belonging.


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